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I just took my population medicine exam and I know I'm asking for trouble when I say this, but I'm pretty sure I aced it. Easiest exam ever, and that's including one that had a crossword puzzle in it. Yeah.
Today at three I have Applied Anatomy, which is the hardest exam ever, including that one I failed a few years ago. Gararrrrrgh. But. I have been studying myself sick, literally, and yes, thank you tonsils, for choosing such an opportune time to remind me you're unhappy with the weather. But. I have been meeting with Dr. D, I have been studying with Cherise, and if I'm not prepared at this point, nobody is. So, damnit, I'm going in with confidence and a smile. I'll probably come out in tears but what the fuck, it'll be over and I can SLEEP tonight.
Although, Kris is taking her boards exam today, and she wants me to come over tonight to celebrate us both being done. We are probably going to euthanize her rat tonight. Yeah, that's how vet students celebrate--we euthanize our pets.
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