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The small stinky dog jumped over the lazy cat... and planted her face an inch from mine. I burst out laughing, grabbed her, and went in search of the scissors. Now my dog has a bald face, because last night she managed to find a burr plant in the thirty seconds of unsupervised frolicking time she had, and got her topknot glued to her eyebrows, whiskers, and beard. Oh yes. All the fur on the rostral third of her face was in one giant, burry clump. Well, at least her eyebrows aren't hanging down into her eyes anymore. *sigh* She's been standing in front of Luz's cage for a few minutes now, whining and crying. Also, she is afraid of Cherise's ferret. Not that I blame her. Ferrets are nasty, and this one tried to bite her besides.
Neuropath tomorrow. Maybe Return of the King today. Mmmm.... Aragorn...
Mom called this morning; she is in Syracuse (an hour away) for a doctor's appt. Wish she had given me advance notice so I could have met up with them, but I'll be going home next week.
Found out that Newsweek did not fuck up, the USPS did. I *did* receive my RotK issue of Newsweek... but it was delivered to my neighbor's mailbox. What the fuck? Stupid USPS. Was thinking about them this morning, wondering how I'm going to get Phil's birthday present out in time and if Sarah received her package of flea junk. Suppose I should call and ask her; suppose I should put some minutes on my calling card in that case.
WICB is discussing the Golden Globes this morning. I do not give a shit about the Golden Globes. I do not care about any of these stupid awards shows. People are always trying to make me watch them; I hate them a lot. Er, the shows, not the people.
Well, off to go study and find out about plans for worshipping Aragorn watching Return of the King.
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