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So yesterday morning Jeff and Sarah and I were talking about falling and hurting ourselves and the kind of uncoordinated things we Wilbys do, and I mentioned I hadn't fallen in like two years.
So of course, last night, I got out of the Jeep at Linda's and fell flat on my back. I think there are snowflakes permanently embedded in my skin.
This morning I am, amazingly, not sore, despite my sister waking me up by coming in and announcing, "I am going to trounce you," and then proceeding to do so.
Went to the SPCA yesterday to get Jeffers a dog... the LVT at Potsdam is a huge raving bitch and she proved it once again yesterday. Will not go into that except to say that, thanks to her, perfectly wonderful but difficult to adopt dog now will not have a home. Bitch.
Was at Linda's for some time last night; Pudding kept beating up Bitsy and ended up scratching both her eyes... I think she managed to miss the corneas but definitely both eyes were bleeding. Stupid fucking cat. Bitz seems ok today but is lying in bed, eating her breakfast. Lazy old thing.
Heath came over yesterday to say goodbye; he's back in Virginia until he retires in November. Jennifer and the kids are staying in Potsdam, though. Makes no sense to me but I long since decided not to judge anybody's choices re: marriage, even my brother's.
Well, I have been going nuts with the digital camera. I'm so happy to have one of my own it's unreal. Sooner or later I will figure out a way to drive you all crazy with the picspam. Muah, ha, ha, and ha. You shall suffer. You shall see: The Eyesore!!!
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