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So, because I am brilliant and just full of good ideas... I watched a horror movie last night.

I ended up going up to Kris & Mike's for dinner and just to hang out; haven't seen nearly enough of them lately. And Mike brought home 28 Days Later, so we watched that. An apocalyptic killer zombie movie. In a dark house. In the woods.

This was so many kinds of bad idea, I can't even begin to justify it.

When I finally got up the courage to leave... my car got stuck in the driveway. So we spent twenty minutes shovelling and pushing and the whole time, I'm staring with all my might into the surrounding trees, like, if I actually saw the super-quick killer zombies coming, I'd be able to do something to stop them. Jesus.

I had to read a while before I went to sleep; I was lucky and managed to escape with only a few minutes of lying in bed hoping that nothing was about to come crashing in the windows, considering moving my bed to the opposite side of the room.
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