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FYI, because I know you've all been wondering, I *am* alive and well.

Actually, I'm a lot better than "well". I'm happier than I've been in longer than I can remember, and I'm having the time of my life. I've never done anything so fun before.

My first rotation was Community Practice Service, which is basically a general practice type situation, only in the hospital, which means if something out of our league comes in, we can transfer it to a specialty service. I also got to see appointments with some of the specialty services, including dentistry (OHMYGOD you wouldn't believe how gross people will let their pets' teeth get), therio (in which the resident did not tell the owners not to breed their dog with a genetic defect that gets successively worse with generations, and I got Quite Pissed Off), and complementary/alternative medicine--I got to see chiropractic/acupuncture done on a Boston Terrier, AND demonstrate my total lack of anatomical knowledge, all in a short two hours!

The best thing about CPS is that you are the clinician in charge... so I could see an animal, take a history, do the physical, make diagnoses, order tests, come up with a treatment plan, prescribe meds, and send them home, all without checking with someone else. The downside of this is now I have to spend the next year being the residents' or clinicians' bitch, so it'll take some adjusting, but holy shit this was fun. And totally confidence boosting. And *FUN*.

Right now I am on pathology. It's intersting, though not nearly as much fun as CPS was. Mornings we have rounds and talk about the previous day's necropsies--apparently most people don't know what a necropsy is? It's an autopsy, only not done on your own species (auto=self)--then we have time with various pathologists to look at slides (histopath, how I hate it) or parasitology (spent an hour yesterday looking at beaver poop, yes really) or whatnot. Then in the afternoons we do the necropsies... and have to write up the gross report by 7. It really is interesting, and our very first case was a calf with an extremely rare genetic defect. Mm. Yesterday I did my first one all on my own and managed not to fuck it up too badly, though I did pinch my hand in the vise (which we use to take the brains out) and I've got a big angry bruise on my right hand.

After next week, I start ambulatory, which I've done in the past and enjoyed, but christ I don't want to spend two weeks running around in the cold & snow and checking cows to see if they're pregnant or not. *grump grump* Oh well, it should be fun anyway, and after that it's my Emergency & Critical Care rotation, and I'm so excited about that it's just stupid. I really think I might want to do ECC for my career, and I talked to a Dr. yesterday who was telling me he's got a friend in ECC (in D.C.) who works 36 hours a week (in three 12-hour shifts) and pulls down over 150K a year. Not bad, not bad at all. In fact, that sounds ideal to me. Only I might want to go to Philly, not D.C., though I'm not firm on that yet.

I'm sure there's like fun personal stuff going on--oh, no, not really--um I took the dog to the falls Sunday. And. Uh... My mom & Linda might be up this weekend. I've actually been hanging out with Cherise a lot, surprising that it feels like we have *more* free time now that we're on clinics, though I know that isn't true. In fact, most days I leave the house by 7 or 8, and get home around 6:30 or 7:30. Yesterday I left at 8:30 and got home at... 8:30. So again, I can handle those 12-hour days, especially if it were only three a week!

In other news, I can't stop listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. Why, god, why?
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